A Sonnet To My Crowbar

I’ve been working hard to get the third floor playroom/guest room ready, but I discovered something… I fell in love. Deep, mad love. With my crowbar.

I can say that I am deep into my Third Floor Checklist, which has been modified yet again (I’ll get to that tomorrow), but in the midst of ripping up the disgusting, not-my-pet urine soaked wall to wall carpet, I started to have feelings for this tool. I don’t even know where he came from. I never bought a crowbar. But he was in my basement workshop area, beckoning me just as I was standing there thinking “What the fuck do I use to get those old staples and tack strips off that fucking subfloor??” The needlenose pliers were effective at getting some of the staples up, but they were taking a long ass time to get even one, and they certainly weren’t going to do what I needed done on the tack strips.

But there he was. This guy. He came into my life serendipitously and I can promise you I will never look back.

And because my love is true, I wrote him a poem:


Crowbar, I did not know my love for you
Within your simple shape, magic exists
People say you’re the best, I’ve found it true
Times spent with you are my favorite trysts.

Just a wee move and you (de)nail my floor
I slip your smooth tool around pesky tacks
Pulling up nail strips is my least fave chore
It’s love, dear ‘bar, cue the sexy-time sax.

You do it all with a slide and a tug
Sometimes the pliers joined us just for fun
With you and the knife we sure cut a rug
Sweaty, spent, wasted, finally all done.

The wood is all gone, no more nails or pricks.
But I’ll come back soon when I need a fix.

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2 thoughts on “A Sonnet To My Crowbar

  1. BuildingParadise says:

    This is awesome! Love it – I can totally relate. Crowbars are awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] Also one of the most tedious parts of this task was pulling up those staples and the tack strips. I started with the staples that were in the subfloor using needle-nose pliers… that’s what every DIY blog post I could find advised me to do. And boy was it a pain in the ass. I ended up getting HUGE blisters on three of my right fingers from those stupid pliers. It was painful. It wasn’t until they were almost all finally up that I discovered sliding the corner of the crowbar under the staples (some were old and pounded flat into the plywood) would pop them right out. No blisters. I wish I could back in time and never have picked those pliers up in the first place. The crowbar was my bae. (I even wrote the crowbar a love poem.) […]


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