The Pre-Schooler and the Curse Word

Ahh, that blessed moment when our potty-mouths catch up to us and we hear our own words said back to us with the tiny, innocent voices of our babes. It’s distressing, embarrassing but dare I say….. pride inducing??


My daughter Millie has cursed three times (that I’ve heard) and I am proud in that every single one has been contextually-appropriate. Surprisingly, none of those curse words have been the Eff-Word, since that is probably my word of choice in any situation. All of her first swears have been a form of “shit” or “damn.”

A few weeks ago, we were caught in a violent downpour of rain a mile from our house, the two girls in the double stroller. As the water literally poured down on us from the sky, little Millie sat in her side of the City Mini quietly repeating “Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.” This makes sense. It’s exactly what I would say in that situation and how I would say it.

I have a hard time telling her that she can’t say these words. She’s not saying them to get a laugh from her audience or to rebel against me or “the establishment.” She’s saying it because she’s genuinely frustrated, along with me, at the rain or the lack of diapers or the fact that the pedestrian jumped out in front of my car and I had to slam on my brakes to not hit him. She’s an empathetic little girl and it even shows in her swearing. I’m kind of ok with that. But I’m pretty sure I have a future filled with notes home from her teachers. And probably the principal.

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4 thoughts on “The Pre-Schooler and the Curse Word

  1. stomperdad says:

    Oh my. A) Thanks for the laugh. and B) Yes, there will be notes home. We received one about our son (7 at the time) at school throwing rocks over a fence and swearing after each rock was sent. (My only solace was that there were others doing it, too so I could justify it by saying he was following the crowd. Justified or not, he was still in trouble). At least your little one is using them properly and not for fun 😀

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  2. bblumenthal says:

    You know, I’m surprised you just started this. Really?! You were made to blog.

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  3. bblumenthal says:

    It’s about time you started a blog. You were born to blog, lady!

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  4. […] of those books taught my kid how to swear, by the […]


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