My Weekend, In Google Searches 

Is it bad that most of my 3 year old’s diet comes from food in pouches?” Seriously, y’all. I had purchased a bunch of baby food pouches when Poppy was six-months-old, thinking I would feed them to her but it turned out the girl wanted nothing to do with purées of any sort. She apparently did some reading of the Baby Center Birth Club boards while in utero and decided she was a “Baby Led Weaning” kind of kid. (I don’t call it baby led weaning… I just call it feeding your kid food that isn’t puréed)

Anyway, I digress.

So I have all these food pouches. Millie asked what they were and I, quick on my feet, said “it’s applesauce!” So she sucked it down. She didn’t know it was butternut squash, beet, peaches and kale or some crap like that. She thinks all food in pouches are “applesauce.” So for the past few weeks, that’s the only way I’ve been getting her to eat veggies. You gotta do what you gotta do, right??

How the hell do you fix a pocket door?” We have a pocket door that separates the first floor half-bath from the kitchen and dining room. Some family came in from out of town recently and a member of said family got a little rough with the door and ripped it off the track. So now the door won’t close, the wheels at the top have ripped off and we have quite a fix on our hands I think. Also, open door bathrooming. Yikes!

Quick vegetable side dishesGarlic Parmesan roasted broccoli for the win! Millie even ate a few pieces (after I bribed her with two M&M’s).

I keep forgetting to brush my baby’s teeth” I can’t be the only one right?? Someone tell me it’ll all be ok, please?

Typical paint finish for beadboard.” The beadboard is finally all hung and trimmed out in the playroom’s secret room! I had originally thought that hanging beadboard would be a great way to avoid having to paint in there but after seeing it with all the nails that have been filled in and caulking and stuff around the trim, it will need at least a thin coat of paint just to get everything looking cohesive. I am a total idiot when it comes to picking the correct paint finish for a wall… I have spent so many years living in rentals with terrible flat white, dirty walls that I’ve got this hatred for flat paint. In a poorly informed knee-jerk reaction to that flat-paint-hate, I had the entire interior of our house painted in semi-gloss (I know, I know). Now that I’m a few years in, I’ve learned that eggshell and satin are not the devils I thought them to be and that semi-gloss is totally inappropriate for most rooms. As I lay in my bed looking at the shiny charcoal walls reflecting at me, I know that now. It’s embarrassing.

So I had to find out what exactly I should do to the beadboard. Turns out, semi-gloss IS appropriate on beadboard, at least according to a few of the forums the Google search sent me to. I’m happy about that because I have a giant five-gallon bucket of Ben Moore trim paint sitting barely used in my basement. So any chance to use what I already have and not have to spend more money is welcome!

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