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Millie + Blocks

I guess I probably could’ve enlisted Millie to help lay the triangle Flor tiles… 

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Thinking Ahead: Millie’s Big Girl Bed

I’m wrapping up my playroom/guest room redecoration and so I’m starting to get that familiar itch… the “Can’t Wait to Start My Next Project!” itch. Maybe that’s why I so often leave projects almost finished, but not quite there… I get inpatient and anxious to do something new. Writing this blog is helping me to actually finish what I’m starting, thankfully.

But I can’t help myself… I’m starting to plot and plan the next project: Millie’s Big Girl Bed.

She’s in a toddler bed which is just her crib with the toddler rail on, but it’s showing signs that it is becoming a bit structurally unsound and since Millie is also growing like a weed, it’s time for a more permanent bed that she can have for years and grow into.

For several years, I have been obsessed with the Ikea Kura bed because of its infinite possibilities… the thing can be used as a lofted bed or as a bed on the ground and it’s simplicity lends itself to whatever “hack” you can imagine for it. There are dozens of blogs out there showing off the ways creative folks have customized the bed and I can’t help but want to join them. One particular customization has just drawn me in and I want to steal the idea completely:

This. So so so much this.

How much would you have loved having a bed like that as a kid??? I know I would’ve adored it! I had this tent thing that had a fitted sheet at the bottom and every so often, I would put my bed tent on and sleep that way for a few weeks… I just loved sleeping in a cozy, enclosed space (which is why I think the best night’s sleep a person could get is the sleep one gets in one of those coffin-like bunks on a tour bus).

I’ve started to build up the “You’re going to get a big girl bed soon!!” thing with Milie, which is important to do because as a preschooler, change is… well, difficult. She is pretty jazzed up about it though and has already specified that she really wants the curtain part to be rainbow.

Rainbow, huh?

When I think about rainbows and beds, the first thing that comes to mind are the rainbow sheets we had when I was a kid (I think everyone had these). So I got my happy little ass on to the internets and I found a seller on etsy selling a queen-sized flat rainbow sheet from this set. From that, I think I will create the rainbow curtain on the Kura bed that Millie is dreaming of.

I don’t think we had the comforter, but I am certain we had the sheets…. in fact, I still have one of the pillow cases.

I’m still trying to decide what to do with the rest of the Kura bed frame–how I will customize the frame and the panels. I think the rainbow is now going to dictate the colors. A few hours on Pinterest should do me, though, right?

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2015: The Year of Cake

We had three birthday parties in two months. For two girls. And there was cake. Oh yes, there was cake.

Because we were in the Boston area close to Poppy’s First Birthday, we had a party there for all our Boston family (there are a lot of them), but then we also another First Birthday party for Poppy back in Chicago when my family was visiting from Cleveland. Then a month later, we had a smaller party for Millie’s Third Birthday when all three of her grandparents visited for that day.

So, like I said, a lot of cake.


“I will hug her, and pet her, and squeeze her…”


“WTF Poppy? You don’t want my love??”

But cake makes a party and we needed to throw a party! We closed out one year of being a Family of Four. I know there are many people out there that have more kids and have done this before so it’s not really monumental, but you know, it is to us. Last summer, I couldn’t imagine what having a second child would be like, and I was so nervous about it… how it would affect Millie, how it would change our family dynamic, how our routine would be upended again… I had a lot of anxiety about it.

But now I know, it just works out. Millie adjusts. I adjust. The family adjusts. And then you have this wonderful smiley, happy, chubby ball of baby that just makes everything even better. Watching the two of them–Millie and Poppy–figure out how to exist together (and maybe even become friends) is pretty enjoyable too. So yeah. It was reason to celebrate (three times).

Again. Cake. These cakes are from Chubby Love Bake Shop. I’m obsessed with her cakes and cookies.

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The Pre-Schooler and the Curse Word

Ahh, that blessed moment when our potty-mouths catch up to us and we hear our own words said back to us with the tiny, innocent voices of our babes. It’s distressing, embarrassing but dare I say….. pride inducing??


My daughter Millie has cursed three times (that I’ve heard) and I am proud in that every single one has been contextually-appropriate. Surprisingly, none of those curse words have been the Eff-Word, since that is probably my word of choice in any situation. All of her first swears have been a form of “shit” or “damn.”

A few weeks ago, we were caught in a violent downpour of rain a mile from our house, the two girls in the double stroller. As the water literally poured down on us from the sky, little Millie sat in her side of the City Mini quietly repeating “Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.” This makes sense. It’s exactly what I would say in that situation and how I would say it.

I have a hard time telling her that she can’t say these words. She’s not saying them to get a laugh from her audience or to rebel against me or “the establishment.” She’s saying it because she’s genuinely frustrated, along with me, at the rain or the lack of diapers or the fact that the pedestrian jumped out in front of my car and I had to slam on my brakes to not hit him. She’s an empathetic little girl and it even shows in her swearing. I’m kind of ok with that. But I’m pretty sure I have a future filled with notes home from her teachers. And probably the principal.

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Millie Can’t Say Fever

One of the best things about (almost) three-year-olds is that they can have conversations with you like they’re an adult, with their own fully formed ideas and thoughts and sentences. But then they go and mispronounce a word and the whole thing is ruined because they are just so damned cute you can’t even take it anymore.

That’s what Millie does to me all the time now. We will go on and on, discussing things (the girl has A LOT of thoughts on EVERYTHING), but then she just says the cutest damned thing. Like earlier this week when she was sick… after a trip to the doctor and several doses of Children’s Advil, she was on the road to recovery without a fever and feeling so much more like herself that she had been. And she wanted to tell me about it. I cannot get over how she says “fever.” OMG I JUST WANT TO SQUEEZE HER CUTENESS SO HARD.

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