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2015: The Year of Cake

We had three birthday parties in two months. For two girls. And there was cake. Oh yes, there was cake.

Because we were in the Boston area close to Poppy’s First Birthday, we had a party there for all our Boston family (there are a lot of them), but then we also another First Birthday party for Poppy back in Chicago when my family was visiting from Cleveland. Then a month later, we had a smaller party for Millie’s Third Birthday when all three of her grandparents visited for that day.

So, like I said, a lot of cake.


“I will hug her, and pet her, and squeeze her…”


“WTF Poppy? You don’t want my love??”

But cake makes a party and we needed to throw a party! We closed out one year of being a Family of Four. I know there are many people out there that have more kids and have done this before so it’s not really monumental, but you know, it is to us. Last summer, I couldn’t imagine what having a second child would be like, and I was so nervous about it… how it would affect Millie, how it would change our family dynamic, how our routine would be upended again… I had a lot of anxiety about it.

But now I know, it just works out. Millie adjusts. I adjust. The family adjusts. And then you have this wonderful smiley, happy, chubby ball of baby that just makes everything even better. Watching the two of them–Millie and Poppy–figure out how to exist together (and maybe even become friends) is pretty enjoyable too. So yeah. It was reason to celebrate (three times).

Again. Cake. These cakes are from Chubby Love Bake Shop. I’m obsessed with her cakes and cookies.

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The Peculiar Feeling Of Going Viral

Back in May of 2015, I took a video of my then-eight-month-old baby laughing hysterically when the pages of the catalog we were looking at would rip. I posted it to youtube on a Monday evening and by Friday morning, I was watching that same video play back to me on the Today Show.


By noon that Friday, I was seeing Poppy on The Huffington Post, Yahoo, MSN.com, The New Yorker, and so many more places. One that was particularly surreal was the full article written at The Daily Mail which also included photos from my Instagram feed to really flesh out the story.

It was a strange day… my husband and I were on cloud nine, seeing all these really great things written and said about our darling girl. But to our girls, life was exactly the same… Poppy had no idea that for a brief flash in time, her cute smile and laugh and face were all over the internet, making people smile. We went to the park that day and I wanted so badly to say to everyone I saw “yes… this is the baby you saw on the Today Show this morning.” Of course I didn’t actually say that, but ohmygod it took every ounce of restraint to not.

The views of the video have tapered off now and life is back to normal (hell, it was back to normal on the following Monday morning). Occasionally, I will see a spike in shares and views of it for a few days, mostly now in other countries, which is also kind of surreal… but for a tiny, itty-bitty moment in time, it was fun to see your cute babe become a D-list internet celeb.

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Baby Poppy’s Big Secret

Baby Poppy has a secret.

How could this face be frustrating? I’ll tell you how…

Yes. That sweet face has a big bad dark secret.


Okay, so it’s not really a secret, but it is one of the most frustrating things about this cute baby. She’s almost ten months old right now, so I know this is the prime time in her life and I know that babies learn about the world around them with their mouths. Blah blah blah, I know all that… but seriously. This kid needs to stop eating everything.*

I cannot put her down and turn my head for even a moment, so heaven forbid that my preschooler needs something. If I do avert my eyes from Poppy’s direction for even a second, I will most definitely find her in the process of eating dirt, dust, crumbs, toys, pebbles, twigs, sand… I sweep and vacuum daily, most of my day is now devoted to floor-cleanliness and she STILL manages to find something that I may have missed. A no-shoes policy in the house doesn’t help… crap from the outer world still seems to find its way into the house.

We headed in the stroller to a local park about a mile away recently. Upon arrival, I went to get her out of the stroller to find her chewing earnestly like a cow chewing the cud. For the six hundreth time that day, I shoved my finger into her mouth to fish out whatever the hell was in there (I certainly hadn’t given her anything) and I pulled out a twig, which must’ve fallen into the stroller during the walk.

Her beloved chew-toy twig.

*You know what the kid WON’T eat? Food.

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