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I’m Dreaming of a White Bathroom

It’s becoming clear which room I will tackle next in my never-ending quest to redo every single square foot of this house, whether it needs it or not. Our downstairs half-bath, powder room, lav, whatevs… is annoying the shit out of me. So to speak.

The three bathrooms in this house that are used the most frequently (there’s a fourth in the basement, but it scares me and I have literally stepped foot in it once — while we were viewing the house before purchasing it) have never been painted by me. They’re all still in the putrid colors previous owners left them. Does anyone ever like the colors that previous owners choose?? Maybe I’m just a control freak? Our first floor half-bath and second floor full bath are the two thorns in my side these days. I hate them. But because what I want, no, need, to do to that second-floor bathroom involves major renovation, the first floor half-bath is my target these days.

Wanna see why I hate it? Ok!


It’s located right off the kitchen and dining room…. I know that there are many people in the world that hate a bathroom right by the food zones of the house, but when you live in the Chicago area and have a lot the width of your pinky finger, bathrooms are shoved into whatever nook of a house they may fit.

Powder Room (from here on out, I’m calling it that to differentiate it from the totally Blah Bathroom on the second floor), how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways:

  1. Your burgundy-brownish paint job… you are the color of a Victorian-era prostitute’s fanciest dress. And that makes you, paint job, one of the only things that could possibly fit with the era in which this house was built.
  2. Your Pre-Dirtied Tile… I guess it’s convenient to put in floor tiles into bathrooms that already look like they have been soiled. They have no character or charm. Blah brown.

Okay, so that was only two ways. But it’s a small room. Like, tiny. So, how many offenses can it have??

Things I like: The frameless mirror, the pretty pedestal sink and the porcelain-and-nickel towel bar… three things that I think would fit well into a powder room in a house built in 1905. I want the rooms in our house to look as if they belong in a house built in 1905.. not exactly “period-perfect” but more like “period-inspired,” you know?

So I’ve been plotting and scheming and dreaming. Here’s what I want to do:


  1. I never in my life thought I’d be dreaming of putting in wallpaper. That must mean I’m getting old. Wallpaper and pantyhose and shopping for insurance… those are all the harbingers of old age, right? But for some reason, I think it would be fantastic to put a big, bold print in this powder room. When I first ran across Summer Squall in Midnight by Ellie Cashman Designs, I was a smitten kitten. Seriously, not just wallpaper, but a FLORAL wallpaper? It’s like I don’t even know myself anymore.
  2. You put that gorgeous wallpaper up in that little room right above a wonderfully charming beadboard? Perfection, my friend.
  3. There’s no place to put things in this bathroom… not an extra roll of toilet paper, not a backup hand towel, not nothing. So I would love to put some sort of small-ish (cause it has to be) but character-ridden something to hold crap. Like this Rosalie Metal Cabinet from Home Decorators Collection. I’m not sure this will fit into the room, it most likely won’t, but maybe I can find something like it. I hope, dear Distressed Vintage Furniture Gods, that you might bless me with the perfectly sized and styled crap-holder?? Pretty please?
  4. Beautiful, delicious, glorious marble hexagon tile for the floor. Yep. This is it. Love.

Between these four new elements and me painting all the wood trim white* I think I will adore this room now. Yep, totally sure I’ll adore it. Now, to figure out how to DO this!


*don’t get your panties in a wad over painting the wood. None of the wood is antique wood (the bathroom was installed in the 70’s and remodeled in 2005) and the wood-tone is just too oppressive for me. I want to lighten this bitch up, ok!?

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